Don't Sweat
The Drip

Drips Happen.

We've got you covered.

  • You’ve got cup sweat

    It's hot out and your cup shows it. Condensation drippage ruins everything: papers, desks, important napkins notes, fun drawings, and your casual Friday mood.

  • cup
  • So slip on a Cup Condom

    Nobody likes a person who can’t handle their drinks. Our foam ring glides on smooth to stop drippage in its path. You’ll feel good about saving your stuff and saving face.

  • wink

    It’s feels natural

    The Cup Condom glides on smooth to protect your stuff from unwanted drips. Your drink will still taste just as good.

  • cups

    Size doesn’t matter

    Cup Condoms fit small and large to-go cups. Short, tall, narrow, or wide, we’ve got you wrapped up.

  • droplet

    Last for hours

    Whatever beverage you’re in the mood for, you’ll be covered. No need for emergency contr... coasters.


Don’t Be Shy. Order up.

Your stuff will thank you, wink wink.

Cup Condom

Each pack includes 10 foam rings that will eliminate all your condensation worries.  


Color: Blue

Size: 3” Diameter x .5” High